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The tiny house on Barbour street had a sizable yard for a metropolis lot. Dad built a storage and we had a smaller garden. We had sidewalks as well as a paved street. The yard was with regards to two feet above the sidewalk which includes a cinder block retaining wall structure on two sides. I used to be given a BB marker for Christmas and was interested in anything to shoot with. Mom was always telling, don't shoot the fowls, so I found other activities to shoot at. For a lot of curious reason, I wondered easily could shoot the tobacco outside of a cigarette butt. I held the butt on the end of the BB marker and pulled the cause. I missed the buttocks but got my browse, what a mess.

Dad was working for that West Kentucky Coal organization in 1950 and was responsible for the underground operations along at the large mine south regarding Providence, Kentucky. He was making excellent money and Mom was always remodeling the home. One of the tasks was to dig a basement under the earlier house. During the last levels of construction there were a good number of cinder blocks in your unfinished basement. Several of my girlftriend and I took that blocks and built a couple forts, one in each corner from the basement. We then acquired our BB guns as well as had a battle. I kept getting hit inside back until I discovered which the other side was shooting along at the wall behind me as well as BB's were ricocheting all-around that basement like mad. No one was injured, but that ended that BB gun duels inside basement.

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