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Northern Maryland lays East and also South of Washington, DC. We had been aware of an Amish community situated East Charles County. Naturally, the first order of business was to look for their bulk store. Until you are part of the community or one of many cognoscenti, you will by no means find it. There are no signs designating a real store. Even when we stopped with the library, less than three miles from your store, we were astounded by lack of knowledge from the librarians. They, however, asked a Amish gentleman standing with the copy machine and they gave the directions.

The actual store is on Glock Highway, off of Rte A FEW. We went by it by a number of miles and had to be able to backtrack. Glock Road is provided for twenty feet after which you can turns into a solitary lane dirt lane, which ends up in a farm. Unless there exists a razor wire topped fencing or concrete barriers, as well as sentries with ferocious defend dogs, I go around where angels fear for you to tread. In the yard were you and woman, obviously certainly not Amish, in conversation. I asked if it was Pineview Grocery. They pointed to some low building with any wheelchair accessible ramp. Around the door was a little sign, which read open up.

We walked into the particular store no lights involving course) and were greeted by way of a young lady in Amish dress. We had hit the particular mother lode. Not only were there the most common assortment of groceries, there seems to be also the Raspberry path mix, of which all of us had grown so attached to. ($2. 90 per pound in bulk) There have been also wheels of toddler Swiss cheese ($2. EIGHTY FIVE per pound). Both Mags and also I were in pig-out abode. Having our treasures available we left Amish place for historical Southern Maryland.

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